Act Like You Know: Benjamin Britten

Britain’s artistic idol would be 100 this Friday. We’ve got your cheat sheet to his music

Act Like You Know: Benjamin Britten

Britain’s artistic idol would be 100 this Friday. We’ve got your cheat sheet to his music.

Hold Me Now Thompson Twins

One of the very top New Wave songs from the early 80s… I can’t say enough about this song. The vocal is fantastic, delivered with an effortless poignancy… the beat is great, the chorus is sweepingly beautiful. First heard it in college, in a ratty old pub just off-campus where, in keeping with the times, the management had stuck an incongruous TV up on a shelf overlooking the tables… tuned permanently to MTV


Can Roger Federer find his old form in 2014?

Roger Federer took time out from his off-season training regimen to answer questions on Twitter from his legions of fans.
Among the things they learned earlier this month was that Federer’s favorite fruits were strawberry, apple and mango and that he has visited 55 countries.
When asked what he planned to get wife Mirka for Christmas, the funnier side of the 17-time grand slam champion emerged: A “hashtag,” he replied.
He added that he was “working overtime” to win the Australian Open in January — which leads us to the first of five burning questions looking ahead to the 2014 tennis season.

When “Fast and Furious 7” opens in theaters in 2015, audiences can expect to see Paul Walker.

The actor died in a car accident on November 30 before he finished filming the next installment of the popular action franchise. The tragedy not only was a devastating shock to the production, a creative team that prides itself on its sense of family, but it put in doubt whether the new film could be completed at all.
Gone Too Fast 1973-2013

Universal quickly shut down production — which was approximately halfway done — and postponed its summer 2014 release date while it reconsidered its options.
Would Walker’s character be removed from the film and the script rewritten? Could his scenes be saved by filming additional footage with a double or CG effects? That remains unclear, but over the weekend, Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page to inform fans that “Fast and Furious 7” will now open April 10, 2015.
Universal followed with an official statement that confirmed that Walker still would be part of the picture.
Paul Walker death shatters ‘Fast and Furious’ car fantasy

“Continuing the global exploits in the franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast of Fast and Furious 7, which will be released by Universal Pictures on April 10, 2015. James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series, and Neal H. Moritz and Vin Diesel return as producers.”