Sochi 2014 Licensing Program Sets Records in 2013!

In the lead up to the Winter Olympics, the Sochi 2014 Licensing Program has been setting Olympic sales records. In 2013, licensees have made every effort to ensure that fans have all the Sochi 2014 branded necessities. Millions of mugs and magnets, thousands of stuffed mascots, kilometers of sweets, and tons of accessories have been sold to date.

If placed side by side, 220 km of marmalade candy with the Sochi 2014 logo has been sold, approximately one third the distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg, and if you tied Olympic blankets into one rope, the length would equal that of the ski slopes at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort. Additionally, more than 960 thousand Polar Bears have been sold, and more than 50 million table hockey and air hockey games, 877 times the number of indoor ice arenas in Russia. During this period, more than 2 million mugs and 3.5 million magnets, keychains, and Sochi 2014 travel accessories, with a total weight of seven tons, were purchased; nearly the same as the cauldron at Fisht Stadium.

The Sochi 2014 Licensing Team is continuing its sales efforts into 2014, producing even more goods leading up to the largest sporting event in the world. Before the Games, a total of 75,000 cross-country skis are expected to be sold (enough to “close” the Moscow Ring Road), 300,000 pairs of skates (the boxes of which could pave Fischt Olympic Stadium, the largest Olympic Stadium in history), and 260,000 footballs (which if lined in a row, would stretch along the entire 104 km coast of Big Sochi). Over 5.5 million souvenirs are expected to be sold – more than the combined population of Sochi and St. Petersburg.

Official Sochi 2014 merchandise can be purchased from a broad retail network across Russia. On the eve of the Olympic Games, the Main Sochi 2014 Olympic Store opened at the GUM in Moscow and the Olympic Store was launched in Sochi. Both carry a wide selection of licensed products to suit all tastes. Stores across the country like Sportmaster, Begemot, Carousel, Pyatyorochka and Perekrestok have special departments for Sochi 2014, and there is an official Sochi 2014 Online store that is open 24 hours a day Souvenirs can even be purchased through vending machines, which are installed in the offices of Games Partners.

During the New Year holidays citizens and visitors of Moscow received another surprise to remind them of the upcoming Games in Sochi; the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Metro Line made its first trip, decorated with images of the Games mascots in the style of a patchwork quilt. Inside these colorful train cars, passengers can read information about the Games, licensed goods, tickets, spectator pass and much more. The Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line is one of the longest and is one of the most popular among passengers; moreover, this line uses the newest type of railway equipment. The train, using these modern cars, has been decorated with Olympic symbols.

Another branded underground train will soon appear, serving as an invitation to the Games in Sochi for all Muscovites and visitors to the capital.