Aegis Builds 650 Seat Outsourcing Facility In Sri Lanka!

Aegis Limited, an outsourcing company, has commissioned a 650-seat facility in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo that will create 1,000 jobs over the next 12 months, officials said.

“There is fantastically educated population in Sri Lanka and the country’s economy is growing rapidly with development in major sectors,” Sandip Sen, Global Chief Executive of Aegis Limited said. “So I think there is opportunity to grow the business in this country with development comes the opportunities and with good opportunities comes the path to success”

“We aim to create 1000 jobs in the next twelve months which will indirectly create 3000 to 4000 jobs.”

The company has 650 employees serving in four different languages. The firm is providing services to Sri Lankan firms.

“We do serve Airtel and Hutch at the moment,” Sudhir Agarwal, President of Global M&A and Strategic initiatives of Aegis Limited said. “We are in the process of talking to big players in telecom, banking and finance servicers, financial accounts to offer our service.”

The company said it had invested about one million dollars in a five storied facility in Colombo 02. “We are also looking to provide our services to the government companies in Sri Lanka,” Sen said.

The company entered Sri Lanka in 2009 with acquiring 80 percent of a Sri Lanka based firm, I-smart Timex Pvt Ltd. The firm said it wanted to set up more centres in second and third tier town in northern and southern Sri Lanka in the future.