Bollywood Actors ‘Willing to go Naked’!

Six young actors and actresses in India have said they would be prepared to go naked in movies.
They told BBC Hindi about a nudity clause introduced by a Bollywood director, who has already persuaded two other stars to sign up to it.
But many say such films may prove a little too risque to get past India’s conservative censor board.
There is little or no nudity in Indian films, save for rare exceptions like an adaptation of the Kama Sutra.
Bollywood filmmaker Ekta Kapoor, who has scored some big box office hits, says she wants to strike gold again in her new film named XXX.
That means more sex and nudity – something virtually unheard of in Bollywood.
She said she first approached Sunny Leone, an Indo-American former porn star. But she refused the idea, wanting to put erotica behind her.
Ms Kapoor then took her nudity clause to two young actors making their debuts – Kyra Dutt and Rithvik Dhanjani, who had little hesitation in signing.
Ms Dutt said there was a limit to how long an actress would want to go on playing the “girl next door”.
In theory, signing that clause sets them up to appear in three nude scenes, said to include full-frontal female nakedness and male buttocks.
When BBC Hindi talked about the nudity clause to some established Bollywood stars, they were hesitant.
Actress Richa Chadda said the clause would have advantages.
“I don’t know about other camps, but I know Ekta Kapoor has done this for one of her films and she said it’s better to be clear in advance,” she said.
“If an actor is presented with this she or he can decide whether they want the role or not – at least this will prevent last-minute cast changes or bad publicity for the director.”
Six younger, up-and-coming, actors and actresses told the BBC that they would be ready to sign a nudity clause if the drama and script demanded it.
Chirantana Bhatt, a journalist and stage actress, isn’t surprised.
“There have been scenes in Hindi films where there is lip-locking sequences or love-making sequences. They are done quite aesthetically. Things have been happening in our films and it’s not as conservative as people think.”