Countering ‘Awa’: Security tightened in Jaffna

The Police have taken steps to strengthen the security in Jaffna town as a means of putting an end to the attacks and robberies allegedly committed by the “AWA” group.

They have set up road blocks and check points where random checks would be carried out on vehicles and their occupants.

Police said some 40 people were arrested during raids conducted by 500 police personnel in Jaffna, Manipay, Chunnakam and Kopai. They said among were some who had arrest warrants against them, some who were and absconding courts and drunken drivers.

Referring to the security situation in the North, Northern Provincial Council Chairman C.V.K. Sivagnanam said the security forces should take steps to arrest those who pose a threat to the people’s freedom but it should not cause any harassment to innocent people.

“When the residents of Jaffna are living in fear of the AWA and other armed groups, the steps taken by the police to check the people, their bags and the identities has created a situation similar to the one that prevailed during the war. If this situation is allowed the battalions now confined to barracks also could enter the roadways and intensify these raids. Therefore the police should adopt a more people-friendly action to counter the threats posed by the so-called armed groups,” Mr. Sivagnanam said.