LONDON – A paper cup Elvis Presley once drunk from has gone up for sale.

The late music legend is said to have taken some sips from the Dixie beverage holder after his concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1956, and the item has already attracted five bids up to $157.50 just hours after going on sale on online auction site eBay.

The sales pitch states: “You are bidding on an AUTHENTIC Dixie Cup that Elvis Presley drank from on 19 April 1956 at 10:30am at the corner of 3rd and Boston in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

“Presley had performed the night before in Tulsa (18 April 1956).”

“This cup was obtained from Elvis Presley the following morning (19 April) at 10.45am after he left his hotel.”

“He ate and went shopping that morning before heading to Oklahoma City for his concert there later that night. (sic)”

The cup comes with a letter of authenticity and a notebook full of “research” which has been collected relating to the events surrounding the beaker.

The winning bidder will be sent the cup inside the box it has been stored in since 1956.

Source credits : TMZ