Helen Grant Calls for Prize Money Equality!

Sports Minister Helen Grant wants to see a “battle for gender balance and fairness” in sport after a study showed stark differences still exist in prize money for men and women.

The study by the BBC revealed differences in 30 per cent of the 56 sports looked at, with cricket, golf and football having differences that go into or close to seven-figure sums, while others such as darts and snooker also have large disparities.

In football, Arsenal won the FA Cup in both genders this year but the money paid out was £1.8million to the men and just £5,000 to the women.

The women’s Premier League — won by Liverpool — carries no prize money, while the men’s competition, which Manchester City won in May, pays £24m.

“There is a gap, it needs to be closed but it’s not going to happen overnight,” she told the BBC. “We do know that women’s sport is very exciting, we know it can draw really big audiences but we need more media coverage and more commercial investment.

“It’s not just about the bottom line and profits and the return on investment, it’s also taking part in the battle for gender balance and fairness in the 21st century.”