ICC Warns SLC of Suspension!

Just as a new politically appointed interim committee is to take control of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), the sport’s world governing body which has not yet been officially informed of the move, warned in no uncertain terms that Sri Lanka is perilously close to being suspended from the International Cricket Council (ICC) membership.

ICC’s Chief Executive David Richardson reacting swiftly to Tuesday’s Sri Lankan media reports about the impending appointment of an interim committee to run SLC affairs, emailed a stern warning that detailed the repercussions Sri Lanka will face if politicians start interfering with the autonomy of SLC.

In the mail headlined “Apparent appointment of interim committee to run Sri Lanka Cricket” that has been forwarded to all SLC Exco members, Richardson makes it clear that Sri Lanka would face suspension from ICC in case the government arbitrarily takes steps to appoint an interim committee without any proven misdeeds by the elected SLC office bearers.

“I note from reports in the media of today’s date that the government of Sri Lanka intends to form an interim committee to run the cricketing affairs of Sri Lanka Cricket” stated Richardson.

“Whilst we have no further or substantive information about the accuracy or otherwise of these media reports, I just wanted to flag with you the risk that such action could put Sri Lanka Cricket in breach of Article 2.9(B) of ICC’s Articles of Association which states as follows: ‘Where a government interferes in the administration of cricket by a Member, including but not limited to interference in operational matters, the selection and management of teams, the appointment of coaches or support personnel, the Executive Board shall have the power to suspend or refuse to recognize that Member…’.

“Of course, a full and proper investigation would need to be carried out, but any unjustified interference might expose Sri Lanka Cricket to the possibility of having its membership suspended by the ICC Board, which would have considerably damaging consequences, including the loss of the right for Sri Lanka Cricket to participate in ICC’s global events” Richardson went on to add.

“I very much hope that Sri Lanka Cricket and the government of Sri Lanka will be able to resolve any issues that they might have in a mutually agreeable fashion and look forward to receiving your update on what exactly has occurred or is transpiring.”