Japanese PM Pledge to Guide and Assist Sri Lanka…

Japan will guide and assist Sri Lanka to achieve the target to become a regional hub in five main areas providing all technical assistance in Lanka’s endeavor, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who made a historic State visit on Sunday participated at the Sri Lanka-Japan Business Forum at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo on Sunday (08).

Addressing the Forum, Prime Minister Aby said, “I have been told that you have a saying ‘Japana Hapana’, likewise on this trip I have brought with me the best CEOs from Japan. Please take this opportunity and we will help Sri Lanka to become a leader in the region”.

Sri Lanka-Japan Business Forum was organised was organized the Japan External Trade Organization jointly with the Sri Lanka Japan Business Cooperation Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Japanese business media leader Nikkei Inc..

The Forum had the participation of Japanese and Sri Lankan private sector leaders involved in the areas of infrastructure, logistics and maritime security.
PM Abe also said that Japan looks forward to work with Sri Lanka in the field of climate change and agriculture.(KH)

“Sri Lanka is an emerging market in the region and to promote hub strategies is fitting due to Sri Lanka”s location. Therefore all the sophisticated technology and skills that Japan possesses will be passed on to Sri Lanka to reach the target,” Prime Minister Abe told the Sri Lanka Japan Business Forum last Sunday.

Abe said that Japan could contribute to Sri Lanka’s economic development by getting involved in infrastructure development through leading business entities from Japan that are eager to operate in Sri Lanka. Prime Minister Abe said that since both countries are agro-based countries Japan could also extend its latest technologies to the Sri Lanka to improve and develop the sector, while also extending latest Japanese technology to support infrastructure development especially to avert power shortages in the country.

“We are also able to assist Sri Lanka in the area of climate change,” Prime Minister Abe said.

Japan and Sri Lanka are maritime nations and it is easy to promote bilateral trade and free trade between the two countries because Sri Lanka has access to huge markets in the region, which is a great advantage to develop bi-lateral trade between the two countries, Prime Minister Abe said.