Request from Stakeholders of Sri Lanka Cricket…

Sri Lanka Cricket member clubs and associations decide to notify the Minister of Sports, the Prime minister and the president with regard to the unjust cancellation of the elections and the impending dangers to Sri Lanka cricket.

Whilst an Interim committee has been appointed to run the affairs of Sri Lanka Cricket, up to now the Hon. Minister has not given a justifiable reason for doing so. Due to this reason even the International Cricket Council has commenced an enquiry to assess the current situation and temporarily withheld large sums of money that are due to Sri Lanka Cricket.

A meeting of the Stake Holders of Sri Lanka Cricket was held on the 25th of April 2015 at the SSC to discuss the dangers and the imminent damage that would cause to the game and the Institution if this situation prevailed.

The stake holders were concerned of the risk that such action could put Sri Lanka Cricket in breach of Article 2.9(B) of ICC’s Articles of Association where amendments were introduced in 2012, which states as follows: “Where a government interferes in the administration of cricket by a Member, including but not limited to interference in operational matters, the selection and management of teams, the appointment of coaches or support personnel, the Executive Board shall have the power to suspend or refuse to recognize that Member.”

The representatives from 68 Member Clubs and Association out of 85 discussed in detail the current situation and unanimously decided to notify the Hon. Minister of Sports, The Hon. Prime Minister and His Excellency the President of the dangers and the damage that could cause to the game and to Sri Lanka Cricket if this issue was not addressed diplomatically and a fair manner.

As this meeting was not politically motivated, it was the unanimous agreement of all present that all actions should be taken towards the larger interest of the game of cricket and as such to update the International Cricket Council to safeguard the rights and privileges of the Membership of Sri Lanka Cricket.

It was also unanimously decided to make an appeal to the Hon. Minister of Sports and Tourism and entrusted the outgoing Office Bearers to seek an early appointment to discuss this issue in order to minimize the damage that could cause to Sri Lanka Cricket and the restoration of the democratic rights of the Membership.

As there had been certain media reports alleging corruption at the SLC, the members also decided unanimously to request the Minister to take appropriate action against any individual who is found guilty of any wrong doings.

We invite all member Clubs and Associations, Past Administrators and Past Cricketers to join hands with us in this endeavor.

We sincerely request all print and electronic media stations to give maximum publicity to this as it is done with all good intentions for the betterment of the game of cricket.