Rhythm of the Night – Debarge

“Rhythm of the Night” is a 1985 hit single recorded by the American R&B band DeBarge and written by Diane Warren. The song is said to have jump-started the career of songwriter Diane Warren and was the biggest hit recorded by the Motown family singing group.

By 1985, DeBarge had become pop/R&B sensations with mostly ballads making the repertoire of their hit catalog though they were as impressive as live performers with their mixture of their trademark soft ballads and a collection of dance material. Motown Records sought to produce DeBarge with a dance single to give them a bigger crossover success that mirrored that of label-mate Lionel Richie, who like DeBarge, had created his initial fan base on soft songs before the release of “All Night Long”, which included a catchy dance beat influenced by calypso. A similar influence would come in the production of “Rhythm of the Night” which featured more of El DeBarge’s deep tenor with flashes of his trademark falsetto. Richard Perry, the hit producer behind hit recordings for The Pointer Sisters and other artists, was appointed to produce the single with Diane Warren as its writer.