Rugby-Asian Five Nation Division I Rugby Kick-Off in April…

This years Asian Five Nation Division I rugby tournament will kick-off in April and come to an end in the last week of May.

The first game will be on 26th April (Saturday) between Korea and Sri Lanka in (Seoul) and on the same day Hong Kong will play Philippine in (Hong Kong).

On May 03, (Saturday) Sri Lanka will play host to Hong Kong in (Colombo) and in (Manila) Philippine will play Japan,

On May 10 (Saturday), Sri Lanka will play Japan in (Tokyo) and Hong Kong will play Korea (Hong Kong), May 17
(Saturday) Sri Lanka will host Philippine (Colombo), Korea play Japan in (Seoul), May 24 (Saturday) Japan vs Hong Kong (Tokyo) and Philippine vs Korea (Manila).

This time, Sri Lankan side should be a good one with most of the top players in peak form, and they should give the best to the country.

Last year under the leadership of Yositha Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka won the lower division championship and now we are in the Division I.

And this year the famous Hong Kong Sevens will be held in March from the 28th to 30th, last time the Lankan sevens team was led by Fzail Mrija and they did well.