Senanayake Exceeds 43 Degrees…

Though Sri Lanka players and Sri Lanka Cricket officials have been making a big fuss over Sachithra Senanayake’s reporting for a suspected illegal action by ICC match officials during Sri Lanka’s recent tour of England, tests conducted by the ICC accredited laboratory in Cardiff has proved that the star spinner had extended his elbow as much as a whopping 43 degrees, way beyond the allowed legal limit of 15 degrees.

The report produced by the laboratory has further stated that Senanayake had clearly extended his elbow much more than what he clocked at the lab, as there is a serious difference between his action inside the lab and in the actual match situation.

As the test team had found that Senanayake was not replicating his actual action in the match, they had decided it was pointless to test all his variations.

However, they had interestingly found that Senanayake had exceeded the 15 degree allowance in every single delivery he bowled even inside the lab.

“Mr Senanayake did not appear to replicate his match bowling action during the Assessment,” concluded the report.

“All analysed deliveries exceeded the allowed 15-degrees of elbow extension with Mr Senanayake maintaining a relatively flexed elbow in the first half of the action before fully extending the elbow in the second part of the action,” it added.

“Due to the number of deliveries captured and because the player did not appear to fully replicate his match action during the Assessment, not all delivery variations were analysed,” stated the report. The report also details how Senanayake had not been fully replicating his match action in the first nine overs he bowled at the test despite the specialists reviewing his recorded tv footage with him and Sri Lanka spin bowling coach Piyal Wijetunge.

After the ninth over, the test team’s advisor had asked the bowler and his coach to replicate the actual match action, and the two over Senanayake bowled after that had given extremely higher figures of Elbow extension, though the Test team had concluded that the degree of extension was still lesser than the actual match bowling.