SLC Exco Appoints Its Own Member!

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is set to appoint Chairman of the Tournament Committee Roshan Iddamalgoda as the manager of the Sri Lanka national women’s team, an appointment that could be a violation of the body’s own constitution
His appointment has been ratified by the SLC Executive Committee in which Iddamalgoda is also a member.

As the manager of the team he will receive Rs. 100,000 as remuneration wihc both SLC and Iddamalgoda himself insisted was an “allowance” and not a “salary”.

It is understood that under the SLC Constitution a member of the Executive Committee cannot hold any paid positions within SLC, and therefore Iddamalgoda who is also the Chairman of the Tournament Committee, cannot receive a monthly salary.

It appaears a direct conflict of interest as he was also part of the committee that appointed him to the job.

SLC CEO Ashley de Silva claimed it was only an “allowance” that would be afforded to him as the team’s manager.

“He will be working in an honorary capacity and is allowed an allowance. There are no violations as such since he will not be working as an employee and will not be paid a salary,” de Silva told the ‘Daily Mirror’.

Meanwhile, when queried, Iddamalgoda said while this appointment was discussed at an Ex-Co meeting recently, it is still not yet confirmed as the extracts of the minutes of that meeting were yet to be released.

“It was discussed with me, but it has not come out as yet as the extracts of the minutes of that meeting have not been made public. I am not sure but maybe they will let me know soon.”
“When I wanted to do things, I was told that I cannot do anything in an official capacity, till this position was confirmed,” Iddamalgoda said.

When asked if he was being given a ‘salary’, Iddamalgoda said what he was being given was an ‘allowance’ for travelling and other expenses he would incur related to the position that he was being considered for.

“It think the treasurer and secretary will discuss this and they might do something and might consider giving me an allowance and per diem,” he said, if he was given the position.
It is also learnt that Iddamalgoda is not the only member of the executive committee who gets paid a monthly allowance by SLC.