Sri Lanka Builders to Certify ‘Green’ Building!

The Ceylon Institute of Builders, an organisation of professionals in Sri Lanka’s construction industry, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore to obtain technical assistance to promote and develop the green built environment in Sri Lanka.

Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is a statutory body established under the Building and Construction Authority Act of Singapore.
The MOU was signed at the inaugural session of the International Green Building Conference held from 1st to 3rd this month (Sep 2014) at Singapore.

This agreement will pave the way for BCA to build the capacity of Sri Lankan construction industry to apply green building knowhow, technologies and applications making the Sri Lankan built environment to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically affordable.

The BCA will train Sri Lankan building professionals to be certified as Green Building Auditors who will in turn carry out green building audits in Sri Lanka and ensure that buildings and other infrastructure projects conform to international green building standards.

The The Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) will introduce its own green mark in collaboration with BCA of Singapore which will be awarded to buildings and projects that meet the required green building standards.

The BCA/CIOB certified Auditors will also be able to standardize building materials also on their level of conformity and award such materials the BCA/ CIOB Green Mark.