Sri Lanka Drew Maldives 2-2 – Under 14 Friendly

The Under 14 football match between Sri Lanka and the Maldives ended 2-2 as the final whistle was blown at the Torrington Grounds of The Sports Ministry. Despite taking an early advantage, the Maldivians came back strong giving the home team a hard fight.

Preneeth Shaminda managed to give the home team an early start with an outstanding 30-yard shot to the net in the 17th minute. Apart from uplifting the spirit, the early goal created a lot of confidence in the Sri Lankan players.

But, it did not take long for the Maldivian captain Fimkaan Ibrahim to come up with an equally effective equalizer in the 23rd minute. As the Maldivians looked to take the advantage, the scores remained 1-1 at the end of the first half.

Yet again, in the 47th minute, the Sri Lankan striker S. Ahamed managed to give Sri Lanka the advantage with some splendid play, making it 2-1. Within just 6 minutes, the Maldivians capitalized on a free kick taking the score to 2-2. The free kick closer to the penalty box was guided beautifully into the right corner of the net.

Despite tireless efforts by the home team, the friendly match eventually ended as a 2-2 draw. The Maldivians are set to take on the Kandy District under 14 team at 3.30 pm in The Kingswod College grounds on Tuesday 9th June,2015.