Sri Lanka Tests Khan Academy, Mathcloud Courses…

Sri Lanka has started testing mathematics e-learning programs in the country’s school system to decide whether such courses should be used throughout the country, the Asian Development Bank said.

Sri Lanka has a state-run school system with a centralized curriculum, and the Asian Development Bank.
Courses from Khan Academy, a non-profit web-based learning resource that attracts millions of viewers worldwide founded by a US born South Asian, and MathCloud, founded by a South Korean, is being used in the study.

The courses have been translated with a 725,000 dollar grant from ADB and are being trialed in 40 schools.

“Boosting mathematics skills and critical thinking is essential in today’s modern world,” Sungsup Ra, Director in the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) South Asia Department said in a statement.

“Computer technologies can complement regular classroom teaching in a way that can bring everyone up to international levels in an individual way.”

Following a six month trial, student performance will be assessed.
In Sri Lanka, around half of 16-year-olds have to retake the exams necessary to advance to their last two years of schooling, the ADB said.

Sri Lanka’s government has been working to find ways of improving the quality of mathematics education in the country’s 9,905 schools, including introducing more software-based platforms to promote more dynamic learning and teaching, the lender said.