Stray dogs invade public institutions in Colombo

Several complaints have been received by the Colombo Municipality that stray dogs have invaded several public institutions including some leading schools and hospitals and is a nuisance and a danger to visitors, CMC Chief Veterinary Surgeon Dr. I.V.P. Dharmawardane said yesterday.

He said the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, the Colombo National Hospital, the Castle Street Hospital, Elders Homes and leading schools such as Ananda, Nalanda, Gothami, Isipathana and railway stations and ports were among the institutions faced with this threat.

Dr. Dharmawardena said according to a recent census in September last year some 2,500 stray dogs were found in Colombo but however, there had been no reports of rabies from dog bites this year.

He said steps had been taken to sterilize female dogs as solution to breeding