The Coffee That Gives…

Colombo’s favourite coffee house Barista Lavazza heralded in the dawn of 2015 with the need to make a difference. The team felt that with the commencement of the new school year, it was only right to contribute to society through a project to provide school essentials for children. Niyadhagala Vidyalaya, a remote school in the village of Thanamalwila was selected to be the recipient of this project.

The Campaign titled “The Coffee That Gives”, Barista pieced together a simple yet effective mode of creating the charity fund. At the core of the project lay customer engagement – a range of food and beverage items were tagged,with the purchase of each of these productsmaking a contribution of Rs.15going towards the charity fund. The management at Barista then pledged to match the total collection rupee for rupee. As the number of diners grew through the festive season, so did the fundwhich ultimately doubled through the company contribution.

A total of 125 school supply packs were purchased with the funds collected. Each pack comprised of a school bag, uniform material, lunch box, water bottle, exercise books, pens and pencils etc. A Rs. 1000 gift voucher for shoes wasalso included in the pack which would no doubt make a huge impact on the lives of these children who were used to wearing slippers or walking barefooted to school.