You To Me Are Everything – The Real Thing

“You to Me Are Everything” is a single by The Real Thing. Written by Ken Gold and Michael Denne and produced by Ken Gold, “You to Me Are Everything” was The Real Thing’s sole number-one single in the UK Singles chart, spending three weeks at the top in July 1976. A remixed version of the song returned to the chart in March 1986 reaching number five.

The song was a minor hit in the U.S. where it peaked at number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and number 28 on the Billboard R&B chart. Part of the reason for its lack of success in the U.S. was the flood of cover versions of the song released at the same time. American groups Broadway and Revelation both released versions of the song the same week, and at one point all three versions of the song appeared on Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts. With radio and the public unable to agree on a single popular version, the three singles effectively prevented each other from becoming a hit.[citation needed]

The song was subsequently covered by Frankie Valli, Sonia, Tiny Tim, Public Enemy, Sean Maguire and Andy Abraham. In 1997, the Italian song-writer Marina Rei successfully recorded “Primavera” (“Spring”), an Italian version of “You to Me Are Everything”. A fennecized version entitled “Ei enempää voi pyytää” was recorded in 1978 by Petri Pettersson.